India & Mauritius signed an agreement for the support in cooperation sector

The Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Radha Mohan Singh and the Minister of Business Enterprise and Cooperatives of Mauritius, S. Bholah after signing an MoU/agreement between India and Mauritius for cooperation in the field of cooperatives & allied sectors, at a bilateral meeting.

India and Mauritius signed an agreement/MoU on 16 Jan 2017 to provide cooperation in the field of cooperative sector. This agreement was signed by Union Agriculture minister Radha Mohan Singh and Enterprises & Cooperatives minister of Mauritius Soomilduth Bholah.

India and Mauritius has very long and good relationship in the field of trade and investment. Apart from this they are now increasing there range of works in different sectors. In order to rise and develop they are going under many agreements.

Detail given below:

This MoU/Agreement will allow two countries to get together in the cooperative sectors and other related sectors. By this India will share its knowledge and technology in Agriculture industry, fisheries and dairy sectors to Mauritius. This will benefit thousands of Mauritians in way to learn and earn. These agreements will enhance future relations in the field of trade, investments, agriculture and other sectors. On this occasion union agriculture minister and enterprises cooperatives ministers had a meeting and signed the agreements. Both were in hope of having more future agreements in various sectors.

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