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Maharashtra government is providing Scholarships to eligible students by Mahadbt e-Scholarship programme. This is one of the best e-Scholarship if you clear the criteria. In this article, we are going to provide details regarding Mahadbt eligibility criteria, required documents, and last date etc. Candidates can Apply Online for the MahaDBT Scholarship Registration.

mahadbt scholarship form

MahaDBT Scholarship | Online

For many students, financial help is necessary to keep the study continue. Scholarships are the most acceptable form of financial support because we don’t need to repay. Finding a good scholarship is challenging task but doing some research is worth your time and efforts. It all looks difficult to you so we decided to shed some light on it and make it little easy for you.

If you are from Maharashtra and searching for Mahadbt scholarship then this is the right article for you. We have a good news for you that Maharashtra Govt. announced an e-Scholarship exclusively for Maharashtra students. Below is the basic knowledge about it-

  • Because it is govt based scholarship, reservation applies as well.  It is different for the different cast category Like SC, ST, NT, SBC & OBC.

MahaDBT Scholarship Eligibility:

  • Maharashtra Exclusive: The Mahadbt e-Scholarship eligibility criteria clearly states that this is strictly for Maharashtra born candidates OR you must have a permanent resident certificate from Maharashtra.
  • You must be studying in Maharashtra.
  • You must have completed your past study from Maharashtra only. Anyone who studied in any other state of India will not be eligible to apply Mahadbt e-scholarship.
  • Senior Secondary result: You can apply only if you passed Senior Secondary exams with 60% or above percentage. It is must or you can’t apply.
  • Cast Category: Only the following caste categories students are allowed to apply.
  • SC – Schedule Caste
  • ST – Schedule Tribes
  • VJNT – Vimukta Jat Nomadic Tribes
  • SBC – Special Backward Class
  • OBC – Other Backward Class

Documents Required to apply for Mahadbt Scholarship:

You can apply online and with our guide, it is super easy to do so. You need some documents to prove your eligibility. Here is the list of documents required while applying online. It is important to scan your document before start applying to avoid any missing document problem.

  • Caste Certificate.
  • Income Certificate of Form 16.
  • Nivaas Praman Patra OR Residence Certificate of Maharashtra.
  • Keep all the mark-sheets of previously passed exams near as it needs some information as per market-sheets.

MahaDBT Scholarship Online Registration: 

Step 1: Open Portal

Visit the official portal of

mahadbt scholarship form

Step 2: Click On New Registration

Click on the New Registration button on the right side. Or click here to open the registration page.

MahaDBT Scholarship Registration Form

Now validate your Aadhaar Details as asked.

Step 3: Select Aadhaar Card As Registration Method

We will recommend choosing the Aadhaar card option because all of you already have Aadhaar card. Aadhaar card is already attached to Bank account, Your PAN card, and other documents so it helps the website to find the user details in govt database easily.

It is a simple 5 minutes process if you use your Aadhaar card to register on We are also going to provide the step by step process with screenshots.

So after step 2, click “Yes” and the “continue” in the window below.

Step 4: Verify Aadhaar Number Using OTP

Select the options “1” and “2” indicated in below screenshots. You will get a box to fill Aadhaar card number after that.

mahadbt scholarship Registration

Now fill your Aadhaar card and click on “Send OTP”. Simply verify the OTP which you will get on your registered Aadhaar mobile number.

After verifying OTP, You will get all your information (Like the name, father’s name etc.) on your screen and you don’t need to fill it again here. That’s why I insist to use the Aadhaar card while registering. Website pulled all the information from Govt database accurately.

Step 5: Create Username and Password

You just need to enter a username and password now which will allow you to login to Mahadbt portal next time. Use a moderately strong password and never use your name or predictable password.

Password must contain at least a small letter, a capital letter, one special character and a number. Otherwise portal will not accept it. The length of the password should be at least 8 characters.


Your registration process is complete

We suggested Aadhaar card process as it is super easy to register for Mahadbt Maharashtra E-Scholarship with it. If you face any problem, try to register for some time or next day. Also, try to update your browser or change the browser.

Step 5: Apply for Post or Pre Matric Scholarship of Maharashtra Via MahaDBT

Once you log in with the username and password, you can scroll to the Apply Schemes -> Category -> E-Scholarship. You will find all the Scholarships are listed there.

Now, this is your profile and dashboard and you can apply, check status directly from here. You can also check eligibility from Check Eligibility -> E-Scholarship.

mahadbt scholarships Online Form

If you are already registered for MahaDBT then go login with UserName and Password. If you have not yet, then follow the procedure to get login details.

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