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Vijay devarakonda rowdy club Registration

Vijay Devarakonda’s latest initiative, Rowdy Club has become a huge hit among his fans. A day after its official app was launched in Hyderabad, it climbed to number one spot in the lifestyle section in both Apple’s App store and Google Playstore.

He is Overnight Star but Not over-night Talented Actor who shocked Telugu Cinema with his refreshing rebel acting attitude on and off screen who points hs Fans as rowdy and now he is Going Buzzy around the Telugu cinema Compounds. Vijay most happening actor has been developing his fan circle in a different way and non-convectional way.

Vijay devarakonda rowdy club Registration

Vijay devarakonda Rowdy Club Registration

the Rowdy app got more than 1 lakh downloads and there is a huge demand for the apparel that is being sold under ‘Rowdy’ label. In the past few days, Vijay had been dropping several hints that he is making his foray into merchandising and apparels. And with the first stock about to be delivered to his fans, the actor is eagerly awaiting the response for his new initiative.

Vijay Deverakonda Fans will be glad to know that this Talented actor is now giving chance to his fans to connect with him. In order to do so, he has formed a club called “Rowdy Club”. Here is what Vijay Deverakonda Said -“If you register your details, you are in for a wild ride with me! You will hear from me soon”. If you are interested, You must complete the Rowdy Club Registration. In order to facilitate the registration process, a website namely rowdyclub.in has been formed. Also, Official Android & iOS apps are available to download.

During film fare awards he created a ‘rowdy club’, a web portal for his fans. Now He is Ready to launch his brand of apparel Naming It as Rowdy. To promote His Apparel’s, released two pics Though Twitter. First Time in Tollywood history and he went shirtless for these shoots in public while paying Cricket. which is promoting as a rebel already he is busy with more than 4 projects.

Vijay Devarakonda Rowdy Club Online Registration | Download App:

Interested candidates have to first Download the Rowdy Club App

Vijay Rowdy Club App Download

You’ll need a Rowdy Code to access the app. We’ve sent Rowdy Codes to all the members of the Rowdy Club. If you don’t have it, you gotta get a Rowdy club member to share their code with you.

Rowdy Club App Download

Then, check out cool stuff on rowdy wear. Rowdy Wear is made for you Rowdies. 

Every Wednesday, I’ll drop one style in the app in limited quantities. Grab it if you like it!

Check out rowdy club,There’s a couple of things in the Rowdy club section now, but there’s a lot coming here soon!

Download Android App

Download iOS App

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